Selection of Review Comments following the launch of the "Alcantara ... beyond the Wells"

“This was a spectacular evening where attention to detail was hugely evident; from the quality of the artwork in the exhibition to the skills of the contributors in the beautifully compiled book; Alcantara.

Everyone had worked extremely hard for the very worthwhile charities that this evening supported. Peter's vision and appreciation of the challenges presented to charities operating on behalf of the Middle East are exceptional and is echoed by his very able colleagues in this venture.

The evening was complemented by a wonderful performance from Zeina Barhoum, the renowned Jordanian soprano, who also had her own story to tell.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit this outstanding and thought-provoking exhibition.”

Netta Southcombe from Pilton

“I would like to book 4 in the Front Nave for the Concert please.  Having looked through Alcantara…beyond the Wells, I would like to buy three more copies; it is a wonderful book.”

George Marsh

“Many thanks to you and your team for all you're doing with Alcantara. Viewing your paintings and hearing Zeina sing @ the BP in Wells was a wonder-full experience.”

Roy Bailey

“Peter Lawrence's paintings capture the soul of Somerset and beyond to the Levant; Zeina's singing captured our hearts.  I bought one book “Alcantara …  beyond the Wells” and when I got home ordered 2 more as gifts.”

Nigelle de Visme

Numerous positive comments made about the exhibition of paintings in both the Bishop's Palace and the Wells Cathedral Cloisters.  Several of the volunteer helpers commented that they felt it was one of the most enjoyable, rewarding and/or thought-provoking exhibitions they have seen in the venues.  Individuals whom I met were interested and many decided to buy the book in order to have a permanent record of the artwork complemented by prose and poetry.

Comment from Tricia Rees-Jones after cancellation of concert:

Please may I echo Peter's thoughts and add my own thanks to everyone involved in this project at the Cathedral.  One thing which is abundantly clear is the enthusiasm and support of so many local people for the spirit of Alcantara.  It has been tremendously heartening and inspiring to see such positive feelings for the concept of understanding and appreciation of cultures and, among the disappointment of the cancellation, I think that that is something we should all be proud of and use as a seed for future projects.